Jannet Lee | Real Bride

Nicole is nice and professional, besides of makeup , she also willing to help me in my wedding day ensure (more…)

Winky Lam | Real bride



Tracy Li | Real Bride

其實一世人未結婚又點會有機會化妝set 頭 根本連要點準備去trial 都唔知 (more…)

Fiona | Real Bride

Nicole 勁細心 又好幫手, Big day 全靠佢箱可以完滿結束,因為我本身唔鐘意太濃妝,佢會配合我既想法 (more…)

Charmaine Ho | Real Bride

Thank you very much for the make up and hair do on my photo shooting day! (more…)

Tracy Jack | Private Makeup

Nicole is a super friendly and responsible make up artist! She fulfilled all my requests on make up and hair (more…)

Lisa Kuang | real bride

Nicole is very professional & patient. She knows what the best to bring out the best appearance of her client. Highly recommend to everyone.

Kiki To | Private Makeup

多謝Nicole big day幫我化妝,真的太感謝你喇

Shadow Li | Real Bride

Mua is the soul of an engagement shooting💍. I’m blessed that Nicole satisfied all I wanted with her talent and professionalism. Her makeup is nature and prominent. (more…)

Katherine Chan | Real bride