Nicole provided excellent service on my wedding day…felt that she is passionate about her work too even gave fabulous ideas, (more…)

Jessica Chau | Real Bride

Nicole is a very talented, professional and friendly person. I am happy to have her as my MUA for the pre-wedding photo shoot (more…)

Janet Chung | Real bride

好高興搵到Nicole做我big day MUA, 化得我好自然之餘又唔會冇妝感, 完全唔擔心會濃妝到親戚朋友唔認得我 對於髮型襯唔襯條裙同埋用咩飾物都好有心得! (more…)

Stephanie Hung | Real Bride

Nicole is a super sweet and kind MUA. She accompanied me and our photographer to Okinawa for pre-wedding photos and not only did I love the look she created for me (more…)

Stephanie Lai | Real Bride

Nicole is very nice and patient. She is professional. She knows what suits you best. Thank you for being my mua on my engagement shooting day! Highly recommended!💛

Hong Kong Prewedding | Jun 2019

Irene Man | Real Bride

好開心可以請到Nicole作為我big day的化妝師, Nicole十分專業和有耐性,她會耐心地了解我想要的妝容 (more…)

Lily Chan | Real Bride

Nicole, thank you so much !! Thank you for being my MUA for my prewedding and big day! 大日子當天喊到7彩,但Nicole會不停望住你,

Katie Lo | Real Bride

Nic is super nice and helpful. My auntie even thought that she is my fd as she helped a lot during the day. (more…)

Sindy Ching | Real Bride


Jannet Lee | Real Bride

Nicole is nice and professional, besides of makeup , she also willing to help me in my wedding day ensure (more…)

Winky Lam | Real bride