大愛Nicole同我化嘅妝同set嘅頭!好開心有呢位咁細心嘅mua幫我喺big day扮靚好願意 (more…)

Katey Wong | Real Bride

好多謝Nicole 係我big day前幫我整左眼睫毛,整完之後好似痴咗眼睫毛一樣!勁靚😍我係冇試過妝就直接落訂 (more…)

Miki Wan | Real Bride

It’s my pleasure to have Nicole as my MUA in my pre-wedding as well as big day! What I like Nicole most is her natural, elegant and chic make-up (more…)

Ada Chan | Real Bride

Nicole is very nice and sensitive to details! 當日既妝感好貼,唔會覺得厚粉 (more…)

Winnie Wong | Real Bride

Nicole has not only the best skills, but also the most patient and caring heart💛. (more…)

Hilda Fong | Real Bride

So glad to have Nicole to be my mua on big day. 🧡 She is really helpful and attentive (more…)

Angel Kong | Real Bride

Nicole is a professional and skilled MUA. She’s got excellent make up and hairstyling skills. (more…)

Ting | Real Bride

Nic knows so well what i need, and she is professional on both skills and advice (more…)

Deb | Real Bride

除左好快手之外 仲好細心 (more…)

Cindy Yuen | Real Bride

Nicole is extremely talented, professional and patient. She helped my special day (more…)

Regina Liu | Real Bride